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LED Lighting

Would you like to save over 80% on your lighting bill? LED lighting is the most efficient lighting product on the market, they last over 35000 hours, cost extremely little to run and produce almost no heat.

Here are some of the benefits of switching to LED Lighting:

  • Cost Saving: LED lights run on 90% less energy then halogen lights which equates to massive saving on energy bills - lighting normally accounts for 50% of most home and office electricity bills.
  • Longer Lasting: LED lights can last up to 50x longer then halogen lights, most LED lights only need to be changed every 30 years.
  • Efficient: LEDs produce more light per watt then nearly all other forms of lighting
  • Color: LEDs can emit any color without the need for filters.
  • On/Off: LEDs light up immediately and do not wear out like normal lights do from cycling - great for motion sensor triggered lighting.
  • Shock Resistant:  LEDs being solid state componants are much harder to damage from external shocks - great for sporting areas.
  • Toxicity:  LEDs do not contain mercury, unlike fluorescent lamps.
  • Low Heat: A high percentage of roof fires are caused by hot downlights, LEDs run much cooler eliminating that risk.
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